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YNP says all COVID test results negative

(Jim Peaco, Yellowstone National Park, Flickr)

Yellowstone National Park said in a statement on Thursday that all COVID tests of 43 non-symptomatic employees came back negative.

In the release, the YNP says the tests were done in cooperation with the State of Montana and Park County, Montana health officers.

The employees were all in front-line positions and have been interacting with the public since the park opened this season on May 18.

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“This is the most aggressive employee surveillance testing being conducted in the National Park System,” Superintendent Cam Sholly said in the release.

“We couldn’t do this without our partners in the states and counties. Our goal is to detect positive COVID-19 cases as early as possible, so we can isolate and support those employees, while reducing chances of spreading the virus. Information gained from this program will inform management decisions.”   

The tests are intended to detect COVID carriers who may not show symptoms, and quickly isolate positive carriers if found, said the release.

Some 100 tests are being conducted in the park this week, said YNP.

The park said vehicle traffic from May 18 through 31 was 70 percent compared to 2019, even though entrances were limited.

Vehicle traffic from Montana from June 1 through 3 was 45 percent compared to 2019.

The park has seen 7,186 vehicles from June 1 through 3 compared with 15,934 on the same days in 2019, said the release.