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Legislature Round-up: abortion reporting, e-cigarettes, ‘Wyoming’s Tomorrow’ and more


The Wyoming Legislature took a variety of actions of Wednesday, Feb. 6. Here is a round-up of some of Wednesday’s action:

  • The House passed a bill adding requirements for abortion reporting. It would require physicians to report the age of the fetus in number of weeks at the time the abortion is performed. The bill includes protection against releasing the identity of the mother. HB 103 passed on third reading 38 to 21 with 1 abstaining. The full bill can be viewed here.
  • A bill sponsored by Casper Representative Steve Harshman would create a task force for an endowment fund to “to create a grant program to make two years of education at Wyoming community colleges and the University of Wyoming as free as possible.” The so-called “Wyoming’s Tomorrow” bill would appropriate $200 million from the legislative stabilization reserve for the endowment fund. HB 310 passed on third reading 35 to 23 with 2 abstaining. The full bill can be viewed here.
  • A bill in the House that would explicitly add a definition of electronic cigarettes to be included in rules against selling tobacco to minors failed in the House. HB 282 failed 24 to 33 with 3 abstaining on third reading. The full bill can be viewed here.
  • The Senate passed a bill creating a chancery court in Wyoming passed on third reading. Chancery courts arbitrate on questions of principles of equity. SF 104 passed 26 to 3 with 1 abstaining. The full bill can be viewed here.

All legislative activity can be found at the State of Wyoming’s 65th Legislature website.