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Christopherson announces run for Natrona County commissioner (PHOTOS)

(Courtesy of Kevin Christopherson)

CASPER, Wyo. — Kevin Christopherson, former chair of the Natrona County School District Board of Trustees, is seeking election as a Natrona County commissioner this fall. He is finishing out his current term as an NCSD trustee and hopes to switch gears to serve the community in the new role.

“Two four-year terms with the school board is long enough in one position,” Christopherson said in a Friday, June 19 release from his campaign. “I feel I have accomplished most of what I set out to do with the school board and I feel good about my service there, and the positive impacts I have made.”

(Courtesy of Kevin Christopherson)

His campaign says that while on the school board, Christopherson used his knowledge of budget management, construction and leadership to help the district save $20 million when constructing the new Kelly Walsh High School facility.

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“He spearheaded the effort to refurbish the pool and save the CTE (career and technical education) space connected to it; knowing KW was being built to a capacity it had already exceeded,” the release states. “Kevin’s attitude of ‘if we save it, they will come’, enabled Kelly Walsh to open the first new Marine ROTC program in the US in 15 years. He plans to approach the county commission in the same fashion.”

(Courtesy of Kevin Christopherson)

Christopherson is a Casper native and is president and owner of PC Transport, Inc. If elected as a commissioner, his campaign says he’ll bring a conservative approach, understanding that the county has projects that need to get done, but in a sound financial manner.

His campaign points to his 30 years experience with PC Transport and knowledge of the boom and bust cycle of the oil industry.

“Hauling petroleum and crude oil in an energy dependent state teaches you quickly how to manage a budget that is constantly fluctuating,” he said in the release.

(Courtesy of Kevin Christopherson)

Christopherson’s campaign says that he’s recently had a poor experience with the county assessor’s office, saying he had properties that were overvalued.

“I had this happen in Carbon County this year with a property I own there, and was able to rectify the situation with a 15-minute phone call,” he said in the release. “Here? Not so much. I will be taking the issues I have to the board of equalization, but even that experience will help me in equating with the people who would come before us seeking fairness and help.”

Chrisopherson is a lifelong Republican, according to his campaign.

(Courtesy of Kevin Christopherson)

“He believes those who have been given much must give back, and he feels that he would be a good asset and member of the team that makes up the commissioners,” the release adds. “Kevin will focus on using his experience and conservative values to serve the people of Natrona County.”

Christopherson’s hobbies include flying hang gliders and has an interest in other flying machines.

“From his World Record flights of the 80’s to videos of his flights off of Casper Mountain, Kevin still enjoys sharing the thrill of flight with friends and family,” the release states.

(Courtesy of Kevin Christopherson)