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View the ballot for Natrona County Republican Primary

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CASPER, Wyo — Natrona County residents can now vote in the in-person or by absentee ballot for the August 18 Primary Election. Voting opened June 30.

Ballots can be filled out it in person at the Natrona County Courthouse in Room 154. Voters wishing to change their party affiliation must do so in person or obtain notarization before mailing in the form.

From the Natrona County government website, voters can find their polling location and view a sample ballot. Voters can also:

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Precinct committee offices are not widely listed but can be found on the Natrona County website when you find your polling location.

Oil City News will continue to update this page with additional candidate information.

Republican candidates for:

Federal races:

U.S. Senate (6 year term)

Resource: Debate on Wyoming PBS (7/21/2020)

U.S. House (2 year term)

  • Liz Cheney 
  • Blake Stanley 

Wyoming Senate Representative

District 30

  • Charles Schoenwolf
  • Charles K Scott

Senate 28  

  • Jim Anderson 
  • Ryan Jackson

Wyoming House Representative

Resources from Oil City News:

District 57 (2 year term)

  • Chuck Gray

District 59 (2 year term)

District 58 (2 year term)

  • Patrick Sweeney:
  • Burton D. Shoenwolf

District 35 (2 year term)

  • Steve Harshman  
  • Gregory Paul Flesvig

District 38 (2 year term)

  • Michael Pedry
  • Tom Walters   

Natrona County Races:

Board of County Commissioners (2 seats, 4 year term)


  • Oil City News: Politics in the Park forum (6/29/2020)
  • Natrona County Public Library forum (7/22/2020)

Natrona County Coroner

  • Don Halberg
  • James Whipps

Casper City Council (Nonpartisan)