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House 38 challenger Pedry has pledged not to raise taxes, ‘firmly’ right-to-life

Michael Pedry at the Politics in the Park forum for Wyoming House candidates mid July, 2020 (Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo — “How well are we thinking about the rest of the issues if we can’t recognize life?” said Wyoming House District 38 candidate Michael Pedry. 

He’s adamant about being pro-life from conception to natural death. He’d like to see Senate File 97, or the “Born Alive” bill, revived. The bill mandated that abortion providers take steps to medically assist any baby that survives an abortion procedure. It passed both the Wyoming House and Senate but was voted by Governor Gordon, who said laws already existed to make such protections.  Pedry wants voters to know that his opponent, incumbent Tom Walters, voted against the amendment. 

Pedry is similarly adamant about not raising taxes, and has signed the Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge. 

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He’d also like to revive the  2019 “Wyoming Budget Stabilization Act,” a plan co-sponsored by House 57 Representative Chuck Gray that would cap growth in General Fund spending and dictate more savings in boom times so that the state could survive a bust-cycle without raising taxes. The bill failed to come before a House vote.

“Built into every budget is a yearly increase,” Pedry told Oil City News, and so simple cuts were ineffective. “If you don’t fast everyone once in a while, you’re gonna be unhealthy. It’s a financial fast.”

Pedry, a Casper native, started his own landscaping business this year. He has four kids and homeschools them, as he was, through Our Lady of Victory. He believes in school choice, and is opposed Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. He said the science behind evolution and global warming were hardly settled public matters.

Pedry said he learned the value of discipline and structure from the Wyoming Civil Air Patrol, where he specialized in mass communications from the ages of 10-16, and left as a Second Lieutenant. At 18 he joined the Bar Nunn Volunteer Fire Department for 4 years.

He is a 2nd Amendment advocate and has pledged to oppose “Red Flag” laws and universal gun registration. 

Pedry said at a political forum that businesses themselves should decide whether to open during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We call that ‘freedom with responsibility.’”  He said he didn’t believe any business owner wanted to “act recklessly with the life or health of anybody.” 

 “I also do not believe it is the role of government to decide if your business is important enough to stay open or not,” and he worried that mandated closures of public spaces this March would “normalize infringement” on private property. He saw similar overreach existed in the Unsafe Structures bill passed by the Casper City Council in July.

 As a landscaper, he said he sees that impact of overreach in regulations regarding calling authorities before digging near underground facilities like utility lines.  “It think it’s like 5,000 for a citation,” Pedry said, saying current regulations could be punitive for someone simply trying to repair sprinkler line 6″ from the head.

“You shouldn’t have to call for an existing system. and gas lines have  certain depth by law.” As unlikely as a citation might be, Pedry isn’t comfortable with it on the books. “Someone is going to enforce it eventually.” He also saw the regulations as way to keep business flowing for One Call Wyoming. 

Pedry said he believes in logical reasoning, Principle of Non-Contradiction. The truth is objective; there’s a common point we should search out to agree upon.”

“If you’re not searching for truth, you’re a sensationalist, you’re paparazzi, you’re cotton candy,” Pedry said.

More about Pedry at his campaign website.