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Mills fire chief North wants to expedite county operations to get businesses going

Dave North (Oil City Staff)

CASPER, Wyo —  Mills Fire Chief and county Parks board vice-chair Dave North told Oil City News that his combined work in the private and public sectors defines his confidence in running for Natrona County Commissioner. North also owns DNS Environmental, which provides environment and safety consulting to oil, gas and other industries.

North said that delivering services and products that meet regulatory standards and also come in under budget has helped him understand the need for planning ahead.

He said his plans as commissioner involved helping attracting new businesses that were less susceptible to natural resource fluctuations. He added that improving county operations was key to keeping businesses going.

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“We need to expedite the permitting process to make it easier and quicker to get a building permit in the county,” he said.  “Our zoning regulations are 30 years old and need to be brought up to date.” 

He added, “The sale of Wyoming Medical Center will provide a good influx of revenue, but we must get our businesses back up and running.”

North said the county also needs to continually focus on roads and bridges as improvements at Alcova and Pathfinder reservoirs.

“The shelters at Bear Trap need to be repaired or replaced along with the Lodge, the shelter at Ponderosa Park, and the water system. Easements, trail repairs and development of trails and signage need to be addressed.”

Last fall, north was part of a joint effort with fellow commissioner candidate Brook Kaufman and the Casper Mountain Snow Gypsies in rehabilitating the Ponderosa Park facilities that had been heavily damaged in the 2012 Sheep Herder fire on Casper Mountain.

North said he would not take a “top-down” or “across-the-board” approach to cutting budgets, but would work with department heads to identify which things were essential to keep.

“They know the areas that can be trimmed down, and if that isn’t adequate the commissioner will have to make the tough decisions..”

North moved to Wyoming in 1986 and has been a resident of Natrona County since 1995. He worked for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department from 1986-1999. He  serves on the Natrona County Central Committee, the Natrona County Executive Committee, and is president of the Platte River Rod and Gun Club. He has also served on the World Safety Organization’s Board of Directors for eight years.