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Wyoming House District 37 challenger Flesvig wants to check ‘government overreach’

Gregory Paul Flesvig (Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo — Gregory Paul Flesvig is challenging Wyoming House Speaker Steve Harshman for his seat as House District 37 representative in August 18 Republican primary.

He said he’d like to see the state legislature take a “‘do more with less’ mindset rather than a ‘lets see how we can grow this more’ mindset.” 

At a political forum in July, he said, “I am running to keep taxes low.” At that event he also spoke in support of voter ID legislation that failed a vote in Wyoming’s last legislative session.

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A “Constitutional Conservative,” Flesvig said he was concerned about government overreach during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our own state has unilaterally placed our citizens under house arrest without due process,” Flesvig wrote on his campaign website. In an email to Oil City News, he also said he’d like to see a bill passed to allow the legislature to review any executive order regarding the closing of private businesses. He also like to see a bill to prevent any mandatory vaccinations or inoculations for Wyoming residents.

“Our leadership has grown our government to unprecedented levels. Now that our energy sector has taken a hit, businesses have closed due to executive directives, peoples livelihoods have changed for the worse, now more than ever strong representation needs to represent the Wyoming people to reduce our great size of government.

Greg Flesvig

Flesvig said he was against any “new net taxes,” and outlined some areas where budgets could be cut, such as WYDOT Flight operations.

“The Legislature can also look to the Department of audit for any possible corrections to be found in the annual reports,” Flesvig wrote. “Payroll can be trimmed with reduction of hours, early retirement offers and job sharing,” Flesvig said.

Flesvig owns a medical supply transportation business and sells online health insurance benefits, and is licensed railroad conductor. He told Oil City his “business knowledge, budget planning, committee work” and work on nonprofit boards to the table.