Britania fire expands to over 18,000 acres

Britania Fire courtesy of the Natrona County Fire District, Facebook

The Britania Fire west of Wheatland has grown to 18.8 thousand acres overnight. This, according to a statement from Platte County.

Shifting winds and rugged terrain are said to be hampering firefighters.

150 – 200 firefighters are reportedly on the scene, including one crew from Florida.

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More crews were expected to arrive today.

According to a statement released by Platte County officials, some structures have been lost, including at least one residence that is presumed lost. Officials say that confirmation is difficult as firefighters have not been able to access some areas.

The statement from Platte County officials continues, saying that community response has been overwhelming. A call for donations of water and Gatorade resulted in an outpouring from businesses and individuals, that officials describe as “tremendous.” T

There will be an information meeting tonight at 7:00 PM at the Platte County Fairgrounds.

The public is invited.