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Fire detected in remote part of Yellowstone


CASPER, Wyo. — A medical aircraft flying over a remote part of Yellowstone National Park on Thursday detected a roughly 1-acre fire.

The “Wyodaho” fire is west of Wyodao Lake in Yellowstone’s Behcler district, according to the park service.

“The fire is smoldering and creeping in grass and open timber,” they said on Friday, Aug. 23. “It  is less than a mile from the Bechler River Trail and is about 600 feet above the trail.”

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The park service says the fire will be monitored.

A one-mile diameter area around the fire has been closed to public access, though no campsites or trails are currently affected by this closure.

“The Yellowstone area is a fire-adapted ecosystem,” the park service adds. “Fire plays an important role in maintaining the health of this area’s wildlife habitat and vegetation.”