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No growth despite 71 mph winds on Mullen Fire; snow helps

1-2 inches of snow fell Sunday, 10/11 on the Mullen Fire in the Snowy Range (Kari Fleegel, National Weather Service Incident Meteorologist, Twitter)

CASPER, Wyo. — While areas of the Mullen Fire saw wind gusts up to 71 mph on Wednesday, the fire experienced no significant growth, according to Mullen Fire Information.

“The Mullen Fire remained at 176,371 and is now 34% contained,” Mullen Fire Information said on Thursday morning.

Southern Area Blue Team Public Information Officer Michael Williams said: “We got through that wind event relatively unscathed, not a lot of movement in the fire.”

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Williams noted that the Cameron Peak Fire burning about 30 miles southeast of the Mullen Fire in Colorado experienced extreme growth due to the strong winds in the area. The Cameron Peak Fire became the largest in Colorado history.

The Mullen Fire, on the other hand, saw minimal growth and received some precipitation on Wednesday, Williams said. Precipitation and snow that fell on Sunday on the northern perimeter of the fire is helping keep the fire in check in that area.

“That persistent moisture is really helping out firefighters on the ground,” Williams said.

He said that the area of the fire that still has the most heat is north of Albany. Crews will work to put out any spot fires that move into grassland in that area, Williams said.

While the area north of Albany has the most heat, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office has re-opened Fox Creek Road to local residents.

“The public should be advised that there are firefighters and fire equipment in the area and using the roadway; so, please slow down and use caution,” the ACSO says.

Williams added that scattered heat is still occurring in the Rob Roy and Rambler areas and that firefighters are “trying to put out as much heat as possible.”

Structure protection continues, but Williams said that “the name of the game today really is repair work.”

Efforts to repair fences will continue and the Burn Area Emergency Response team will continue assessing what needs to be done to prevent erosion and otherwise ensure health of the forest in areas that were impacted by the fire.

Williams added that the Highway 230 corridor between Woods Landing and Colorado state line remains closed. The fire map shows a “finger” pushing on its eastern perimeter toward west of Woods Landing, but Williams said very little heat is showing in that area.

Nevertheless, he said incident command isn’t quite ready to re-open the WYO 230 corridor. His full comments can be heard in this video: