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VIDEO: ‘A lot of snow’ coming to Wyoming will help quash Mullen Fire

The Mullen Fire in the Rob Roy and Keystone area. (Photo by Greg Sanders posted to InciWeb)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Mullen Fire has burned an estimated 176,854 acres and is 72% contained, according to the Southern Area Blue Team in command of response to the fire.

The fire saw little change on Monday and snow on Thursday and again over the weekend is expected to help diminish the fire. Incident Meteorologist Dan Borsum said on Tuesday that people should “be prepared for winter weather arriving Thursday.”

“There is going to be some shower activity, maybe some snow,” he said. Moving into the weekend more significant precipitation is expected.

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“Saturday and Sunday, a lot of snow is expected, 8-12 inches up on the fire if not more,” Borsum said. “We know this is good for the firefighters but we also know this is good for you because there is a lot of replenishment of moisture that has to occur in the landscape, we need to see those stock ponds starting to fill up next spring and it is snow this time of year that helps drive that.”

Borsum noted that Tuesday is expected to be breezy in the area of the fire. He said that mountain showers in the area have been minimal and that humidity levels have been falling. He added that temperatures are rising and the fire area could reach 60 degrees on Wednesday.

“A lot of times this time of year when you start seeing a warm up in the weather, there is something on the other side and that’s what’s going to happen on Thursday,” Borsum said.

With the shift in weather, he added that people should be aware that snow could impact travel.

Borsum’s full comments can be heard in this video: