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‘World Needs More Cowboys’ enters second year

CASPER, Wyo. — University of Wyoming spokesperson Chad Baldwin said that the university’s “The World Needs More Cowboys” will be continued for another year.

He said that the first year of the campaign proved effective for UW.

The campaign will continue with similar themes in its second year, with a few “new wrinkles,” according to Baldwin.

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He said the campaign has been an effective recruiting tool for the university with about 20% of in-coming students reaching the university’s website through pages associated with the ad push.

“The news coverage of our campaign was worth over $6 million,” Baldwin said on Wednesday, July 24.

He said that the university’s website saw traffic up over 400% after the campaign was implemented.

Baldwin said that there are more than 143 items sold that are licensed with the campaign.

While he didn’t have up to the minute sales data, he said the university store has sold tens of thousands of dollars of items featuring “The World Needs More Cowboys” themes.

He said that donations to the university’s “Annual Giving Campaign” were also up.

Baldwin said that he thinks the campaign has been popular.

“I think that is has been embraced by the vast majority of people,” he said. “I know there are some people around who still don’t like it.”

But Baldwin said that marketing campaigns can “never please everyone” and added that controversy isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to generating attention.

He emphasized that the term “cowboy” is meant to embrace both men and women.

Some new videos and other marketing tools will be unveiled in the coming months, Baldwin said, adding that this campaign guide will still serve as a groundwork for “The World Needs More Cowboys.”