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Arapaho School students celebrate Wind River bison release with song (VIDEO)

(Fremont County School District No. 38, Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo. — Arapaho Elementary School fourth and fifth graders sang their school song as they went to see bison released on Wind River Reservation Wednesday.

The Northern Arapaho Tribe announced the release on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

“Please join the Northern Arapaho Preservation Office, Elders, Eagle Drum and Tribal Leaders as we celebrate the release of the Buffalo,” the tribal government said on Facebook.

Wyoming Public Media reports that the release of 10 bison is a first for the Northern Arapahoe Tribe, with the Eastern Shoshone Tribe managing a 33-animal herd on Wind River Reservation as well.

Fremont County School District No. 38 shared this video of students singing the Arapaho School Song on Facebook: