Wyoming Rep. Marshall Burt (Sweetwater) speaks at the steps of the Wyoming Capitol before helping deliver two marijuana related ballot initiatives to the Wyoming Secretary of State.

CASPER, Wyo. — The National Libertarian Party announced on Wednesday that the Wyoming Secretary of State has certified the first 100 signatures for two marijuana-related ballot initiatives, effectively giving the green light for broader signature collection efforts to begin.

“This means that the measures submitted earlier this summer are now cleared to begin collecting petition signatures to get on the 2022 general election ballot,” the Libertarian Party’s press release states. “Wyoming statute requires 41,776 petition signatures for ballot placement.”

“If the ballot measures pass this final hurdle, Wyoming voters will have a chance to let their voices be heard in November of 2022 by voting to legalize medical cannabis and decriminalize cannabis for personal use.”

The initiative’s Senior Strategist Christine Stenquist issued a statement in response to the certification of the first 100 signatures.

“The Wyoming advocates behind this effort have worked very hard to draft initiatives that will work for the people of Wyoming,” she said. “We are excited to begin the signature-gathering process to let everyone in Wyoming have a voice.”

The Libertarian Party said that various groups supporting the initiative will begin collecting petition signatures once the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office completes printing “in the coming weeks.”

Libertarian Party political consultant Apollo Pazell issued the following statement via email on Wednesday:

The Secretary of States’ office has informed compassionate Options Wyoming and the Wyoming Libertarian Party that the initial 100 cosponsors have been certified.  

The initiative campaign submitted over 250 signatures of the required 100 signatures after only 48 hours of signature gathering. 

With the assistance of the Attorney Generals Office, the Secretary of States’ office will produce a summary of the legislation and print petition packets for the campaign. 

Warm regards, 

Apollo Pazell

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