(File Photo; Trevor T. Trujillo, Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — Officials say that some chickens perished in a blaze that consumed a chicken coop in a residential area of Casper. No human casualties were reported in the incident.

Casper Fire-EMS says that just after 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, firefighters responded to a reported fire on Poppy street in the Paradise Valley area.

Arriving crews found and extinguished a fire that involved an exterior chicken coop and the surrounding combustible members of a deck, fence and the exterior of the home.

All occupants had self-evacuated and confirmed that the fire did not extend to the interior of the home, according to a Casper Fire-EMS statement early Tuesday.

“Investigators from Casper Fire-EMS determined that the fire was caused by a heat lamp in the chicken coop that had come in contact with the combustible bedding within the coop,” the statement reads. “The chicken coop was a total loss and sadly not all the chickens escaped the blaze.”

Significant damage to the exterior of the home, deck and surrounding fence reportedly occurred, but the occupants were not displaced as a result of the fire.

“Exterior fires during windy conditions can be extremely challenging for firefighters,” Casper Fire-EMS says. “Quick recognition of the fire by bystanders and the rapid response initiated by our highly skilled dispatchers was crucial in getting fire crews to the scene quickly.”