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Casper Police investigate photos of taped-up dogs on social media

A screen shot of the reported Facebook post that was sent to Oil City by readers. When shown to the Casper Police Department, officials confirmed the case had been investigated and that "at the time of evaluation, the animals did not show any signs of abuse or neglect in their home." (Courtesy Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo. —  Officials with the Casper Police Department say that Animal Protection Officers have been made aware of photos of two dogs that have been shared to Casper area public media, and that they have investigated the incident.

The alleged post from facebook was comprised of several photos of two dogs, the dogs have what appears to be red adhesive tape across their muzzles, bodies, and legs. A written description accompanying the photos says “maybe they wont (sic) chew up stuff or run away or be little devils…”

Officials with the Casper PD says that Animal Protection made contact with the individual accused of posting the photos.

“We evaluated the animals and spoke with him about the incident. He expressed extreme sympathy about the incident and spoke at length with officers about proper treatment of animals,” Casper PD officials said Tuesday morning. “[The suspect] has no history of prior animal issues through our department and at the time of evaluation, the animals did not show any signs of abuse or neglect in their home.”

The Casper Police Department said that they are continuing to monitor possible future incidents.

“The Casper Police Department Animal Protection Officers are passionate about the wellbeing of animals in our community,” Casper PD said. “We sincerely appreciate our community members bringing this situation to our attention.”