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Outpatient Radiology offers area’s most advanced imaging

At Outpatient Radiology, we feature the most advanced imaging in our area.  One of the services we provide and have recently updated is our MRI service line.  We have one of the only wide bore 3 Tesla Magnet in our area, which is the best technology for small joint imaging (wrist, ankles, and knees) and neurology imaging. Outpatient Radiology is also the only local imaging center to provide Breast and Prostate MR Imaging.  OPR recently purchased a software that is able to provide non-contrast angiography for patients who are unable to have contrast. Outpatient Radiology is continuing to offer the most advanced MRI imaging by offering the best image quality combined with a 70cm wide bore technology to help reduce claustrophobic effect while producing high-resolution images. 

The support staff are continually working with our patients on billing, collections, scheduling and precertification for easier and accurate imaging appointments. Outpatient Radiology staff is on site and ready to take a burden off your shoulders by helping with the pre certification process.  OPR will contact your insurance company and have your financial information ready before your exam.  For those patients who cannot afford to pay up front, OPR does offer flexible payment plans and we have staff on site to help you with those arrangements. This allows you as a patient to put your mind at ease and focus on your imaging and health.

You have a choice in where you go to receive your imaging.  Our skilled clinical team has obtained the American College of Radiology Seal of accreditation for our program.  Our technologists at OPR are all ARRT registered and have received advanced training to give you the best care and imaging you would expect.

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Outpatient Radiology has a team of skilled and Board Certified Radiologists onsite providing your interpretive services.  The team of radiologists at OPR works very closely with the referring physicians in our town.  This helps you and your doctor get the information they need to help you on your way to better health.

Our goal at Outpatient Radiology is to provide the best imaging available to our local community and surrounding areas. 

As a patient make sure you are making the “right” choice for you imaging needs, ask your physician to schedule you at Outpatient Radiology.