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Life Changing Products from the Experts at Wyoming Otolaryngology

Photo courtesy of Wyoming Otolaryngology

CASPER, Wyo. – For the past 53 years, Wyoming Otolaryngology has built its name and reputation on the foundation of being Wyoming’s leading ENT experts. It has done this by providing compassionate care and offering life-changing technology to a broad spectrum of patients. As one of the longest-running medical practices in the state of Wyoming, Wyoming Otolaryngology has always sought to advance patient care. They achieve this with new techniques and technology, along with the expertise of some of Wyoming’s most trusted ear, nose and throat professionals. 

“At Wyoming Otolaryngology, we’re a multi-disciplinary clinic that really combines the medical perspective on hearing loss and ear, nose and throat to our clinical approach,” said Chere Fourie, A Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) who has been with Wyoming Otolaryngology since 2018.

“Here, our team is equipped, and we work really well together to address all components of what our patients need.”

In addition to Fourie, the Wyoming Otolaryngology Audiology department is made up of Dr. Cheryl Drost, Au.D., Shannon Thomson, Hearing Instrument Specialist, and a small number of Audiology Technicians; all of whom share a common goal of providing the best care and offering the best solutions to those living with hearing loss.

Both Dr. Drost and Dr. Fourie know that part of their expertise includes knowing when to speak and, most importantly, when to listen. 

“When you listen long enough, the patient will tell you what they need, as far as their family, their work and their social environment,” Dr. Drost revealed.

“There’s a saying, that when a person has a hearing loss, the whole family has a hearing problem. When we take that into consideration, it’s not just the person we treat; it’s also the family.” 

Wyoming Otolaryngology offers a wide array of innovative hearing instruments from nationally recognized companies like Oticon, Phonak and more. Each patient comes in with their own individual set of needs, and Wyoming Otolaryngology strives to meet those needs on a daily basis. 

These days, hearing instruments are intuitive and more ‘user-friendly,’ than ever before. They can be paired to cell phones, televisions and even smart house systems. Gone are the days of bulky, highly noticeable instruments sitting on top of your ears. In their place are instruments that are sleek, discreet and easy to navigate. Whether they’re traditional Receiver-in-the-Ear (RITE/RIC) instruments or custom-made instruments that fit inside of the ear, the technology offered at Wyoming Otolaryngology is second-to-none. 

“The technology we use at Wyoming Otolaryngology is some of the best on the market,” said Shannon Thomson, Wyo Oto’s Hearing Instrument Specialist. “We’re very passionate about giving the best technology to our patients, to allow them to do anything that they want to do in their lives.”

The goal of Wyoming Otolaryngology is to reconnect patients to the important things in life. They do that by offering compassionate care and life-changing technology from leading experts. If you or somebody you know wants to start the conversation, please call 307-577-4240 or visit www.wyo-oto.com to schedule a hearing consultation. 

Photo courtesy of Wyoming Otolaryngology