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Pullen Services training and certifications with a personal touch

Mitch Baker, Laura Atchley, Matt Baker the owners, teachers, and business operators of Pullen Services (Tayler Stephenson, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — Have you ever been in need of training? It could be work-related training, safety training, or even CPR and First Aid Training. Pullen Services offers all of these with a personal touch. The company is comprised of three well-versed, outgoing individuals who will go out of their way to make anything happen.

Let’s meet the team of these individuals:

Matt Baker

Matt Baker for Pullen Services (Courtesy)

Matt Baker is a Marine Corps Combat Veteran. He spent his enlistment as a radio operator with the infantry completing three tours in Iraq and cares deeply about safety. He worked for Pullen Services for over 10 years under Dave and Glenda Pullen. He made the decision to purchase and operate the company with his two business partners when the Pullens decided to retire in 2020.

Matt is the lead HSE consultant, having extensive experience with OSHA programs and employment law helping clients navigate potential violations and setting them on track for success to navigate future obstacles. Matt is an authorized OSHA Outreach instructor for several educational centers as well as an authorized PEC Safeland instructor, and is experienced in many other workplace safety and health trainings.

The biggest reason he is doing this type of work is because he has a real passion for it. Matt says, “When I was in Iraq I lost a good friend of mine. I harbored a lot of guilt from that, because it was a scenario [in which] I knew that what he was asked to do was wrong and that it was going to get him hurt or killed. He ended up dying. I have struggled with those feelings for a long time, so finding this career gives me the opportunity to give back. To help people avoid the scenario that I was put in. When you see something that is not right … what should you do, that is what we are here to teach.”

Laura Atchley

Laura Atchley for Pullen Services (Courtesy)

Laura Atchley comes from a very rich and diverse background. Having worked in retail and corporate operations, she is the head of business operation at Pullen Services. She says, “I was always the fixer in most of my positions. … I can inspire leadership within people, even in the employees, and my biggest passion is empowering all the individuals that we talk to every single day. I also bring a lot of the business structure to [Pullen Services]. The clients know me as the person that makes their lives easier and more profitable, and I come with solutions.”

One of her biggest accomplishments has been teaching companies and individuals about “building a workplace culture through technology.” As everything moved online, a big question came up regarding how to keep people engaged in the trainings and material. She was able to help facilitate a smooth transition that is still benefiting Pullen Services and their clientele today. She offers leadership and management development courses as well to help strengthen the individual’s soft skills. As a consultant, she helps set the office administration up for success through recordkeeping and even teaches time management and effective communication.

With her passion for efficiency, she says that she will not settle for putting a Band-Aid on something if it requires a rebuild.

Mitch Baker

Mitch Baker for Pullen Services (Courtesy)

Mitch Baker is also a Marine Corps Combat Veteran, serving two tours in Iraq. After his enlistment, he worked at the Casper Police Department for almost ten years.

He says, “My background from being in law enforcement, knowing the legal system, and dealing with people and their stress helps us relate better in training. [It allows] for employees to be safe on and off the job. We make sure that their frustrations are heard and we adapt so that they can walk away with something meaningful rather than feel like they are being forced to be here.” This experience adds value to the operations at Pullen Services and the qualifications of being an Authorized American Red Cross Instructor, he heads the First Aid, Emergency Preparedness, Drug, Alcohol and Security programs and trainings.

With a community service background, it is no surprise that Mitch would turn to helping people in this way. He explains, “Being in law enforcement is a difficult environment, and being a Safety and Health Consultant and Trainer I can bring more purpose and more meaning with interactions with people at a one-on-one level rather than feeling like I am only there on their bad days.”

How they bring it together

Pullen Services benefits from these diverse backgrounds to bring you the best learning experience, whether it be through your work or for your own benefit.

In January 2021, Mitch, Matt, and Laura purchased Pullen Services, and since then they have been able to make it into a business that is there to serve the community, the businesses of Casper, and the other communities across Wyoming and surrounding states.

Their original focus was marketing their safety trainings and consulting to industry specific businesses, but they have since been able to grow this operation to enhance individual lives in their community while still offering their core Safety and Health workplace programs like First Aid/CPR/AED, OSHA 10/30, Safeland, H2S awareness, Forklift operator etc. as well as traditional HR, leadership trainings and team building activities. They have enhanced their course catalogue and now offer Advanced First Aid trainings including First Aid for Severe Trauma (F.A.S.T) and Wilderness First Aid. They are also offering courses open to public enrollment monthly called “First Aid Fridays.”

Pullen Services also offers consultations that can help your business and your people. They will walk you through the process to identify policies and programs that will strengthen your business’s health and success, as well as improve workplace safety and morale. Pullen Services also provides investigation support for occupational incidents and accidents and has investigated many scenarios from property damage up to the unfortunate workplace fatalities.

Matt says, “I think that we can find alternate paths with better success. … This is not just about achieving compliance, it is about elevating your business so that if someone sees something that looks like it is going to be a problem, they have the tools, resources, and trust to engage and resolve it with their team.”

The skills of the three business partners complement each other and the mission of keeping people safe. Last year they helped over 3,500 people through trainings and certifications.

One of their main goals is to help business operations by providing security, helping understand safety, and reducing incidents and accidents. One of Matt’s biggest concerns is making sure companies know that “a person’s life or wellbeing is not worth somebody else’s profit.”

Pullen Services can help with OSHA violations, business policies, internal investigations, standing up an internal H.S.E. Coordinator in your company and helping with liability insurance problems you might be facing. Their goal is to keep your business operating smoothly and make safety a priority without interfering with normal operations. Safety is an everyday responsibility for everyone, and it becomes a behavior if implemented correctly.

As new businesses keep popping up, many of them do not think about what they are liable for or what policies they have to follow. Pullen Services works with these businesses to ensure they are successful. Pullen Services is a great asset to utilize when starting your business to make sure you are keeping yourself, your employees, and your customers safe.

Along with the Construction, General industry and Oil and Gas, they also focus on the public and make themselves available for any training that may be required. Each class is tailored to the individuals. For instance, while first aid training is necessary, it might differ for the requirements of people who work in an office setting to people who work at an oil site. There are still the main essential skills that you need to know, but they can adapt the class to make it more relevant to you and your team. They have family-focused First Aid and Emergency preparedness programs and are excited to offer these to the public, especially after the unforeseen events of the pandemic. Everyone should know First aid procedures and have an Emergency Action plan.

Matt, Mitch, and Laura work together to make sure that the trainings are fun and engaging. They know that the hardest thing to sit through is a presentation that is “death by PowerPoint” and they pride themselves on not having this be the case, using group discussions and hands-on activities to shorten the learning curve.

The three have taught anywhere from large conferences to individual levels. They can travel to you and your location, meet with you virtually, or hold trainings in their own facility that is located at 2305 Oxford Lane in Casper, Wyoming. The possibilities are endless.

With the ease of virtual meetings, Pullen Services has been able to increase access to clients and create an even more effective way of holding monthly meetings.

They also offer new hire orientations in person or they can create custom narrated videos for businesses that ensure every new hire gets the knowledge at the ease and convenience of the company. It is essential for all businesses regardless of the industry to have a New Hire program to protect themselves as employers but also protect their employees.

Pullen Services can create classes and trainings upon request. For example, a company requested team building exercises and the consensus was they wanted to take a class in Land Navigation; Matt and Mitch built the course so that they could learn a new skill while learning about their coworkers. Additionally, they have made company-specific classes for ergonomics, wellness, and emergency preparedness. According to Mitch, “There is virtually no training that we cannot do, if there is a need.”

In July 2021, they launched their First Aid Supply program where they built kits that helped with disaster preparedness, ANSI-compliant first aid, and wilderness first aid as well as offered a restock program for those who may need it. They have wall-mounted kits for shops or offices, vehicle kits for companies or individuals, and emergency bags you can grab, customizable for any request. They started this program after requests from their students who attended the First Aid training. This compliments their trainings and provides high-quality kits to the community and their clients.

Pullen Services’ long-term goal is to be a resource for everyone who needs Safety and Health training regardless of their profession as well as continue to help businesses achieve their workplace safety and health requirements and goals. You can check them out at www.pullenservicesllc.com or call (307) 337-1385 for more information.

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