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Several Cody job openings posted for Kanye West’s Yeezy shoe brand

Kanye West is seen kneeling in praise during a scene in his music video for “Closed On Sunday,” which was shot on his Wyoming ranch. (Screenshot via YouTube)

Kanye West’s plans for Wyoming just became a little more interesting.

Days after it was revealed that the hiphop superstar purchased his second ranch near Cody, a number of job openings for his Yeezy shoe brand have been posted on adidas’ website. The Yeezy fashion brand is a collaboration between the German footwear giant and West.

Twelve jobs openings are now posted, including “Footwear Stitcher,” “Director Footwear Development,” “Footwear Pattern Engineer,” and “Footwear Designer,” among others.

Engineering and office manager positions are also posted.

All of the jobs list Cody as the place of employment and primarily involve product design and development.

Jason Kintzler, who serves on the Wyoming Business Council board, posted the job openings on his Facebook page recently to celebrate the new kind of unique and professional job opportunities he says Wyoming needs.

“I think it reinforces what I’ve been saying for quite some time. — We don’t need to bring new industries here (which is nearly impossible), we need to make this a place where industry leaders want to live,” said Kintzler in a message to Oil City.

“The way we set our economic priorities, infrastructure, and culture all have to be reprioritized,” he added. “We should be recruiting people, not companies.”

Emails to adidas for comment were not returned, and the City of Cody declined to comment.

Complete plans for West’s business operations have not been announced, but he recently announced plans to being manufacturing back to the States.

“Within the next two years our goal is to bring the manufacturing back to America,” the rapper said. “South America, North America. Bring it back stateside, and also to present jobs for people back here.”