(BLM Wyoming)

CASPER, Wyo. — A 646-acre “Rim Rock” property west of Casper is home to the site of the 1865 Battle of Red Buttes. The area also provides “potential for various recreational activities,” according to the Bureau of Land Management Wyoming.

BLM Wyoming announced a 14 day public comment period on Monday, April 27.

“The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Casper Field Office is seeking public input on the development of a recreation area management plan and associated environmental assessment for the Rim Rock
property,” the release states. “The 14-day scoping period ends May 10, 2020.”

“The BLM is asking the public to help identify issues or provide information that could be useful in developing alternatives for management of the area or analysis of the proposal.”

The property was acquired by the BLM in 2018. The following map is available online and shows proposed trails and management areas:

(BLM Wyoming)

Public comments can be submitted online. They can also be mailed to:

Bureau of Land Management Casper Field Office, Attn: Katy Kuhnel

2987 Prospector Drive

Casper, WY 82604

“All comments, including personal identifying information, may be made publicly available at any time,” BLM Wyoming adds. “While those commenting may ask that their identifying information be withheld from public review, the BLM cannot guarantee that it will be able to do so.”

“The BLM will not hold a public meeting at this time; however, additional opportunities for public involvement on this project will be offered in the future. For additional information regarding the proposal, please contact BLM recreation specialist Katy Kuhnel at (307) 261-7644 or kkuhnel@blm.gov.”